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Alita Battle Angel - A glimpse into the future of CGI and upcoming Virtual Reality Worlds
in 16-02-2020

The advances in Computer Generated Graphics processes (CGI) are blurring the border between reality and animation. Alita Battle Angel movie is one such recent example where this border between reality and fiction is becoming even thinner. One have to question what the future will be like when the reality will be a thing of the past and more and more people will live in the much better, colorful and full of possibilities Virtual world where you can impersonate anyone and create your own avatar. The upcoming rise of AI will further advance and accelerate the development of such parallel virtual worlds. Take for example Second Life virtual world. It has millions of users from around the world, it's own economy and currency. The users can own real estate, work, travel and shop virtual goods from cars to airplanes from clothing to more appealing skin color for their avatars. Similar but more developed virtual worlds are in the developing stage and they will take full advantage of the VR headsets and other augmented reality enhancements. A new billion dollar industry, that will further confine us as humans to become computer slaves , is on the rise. The moment when we will be really and literally plugged in is perhaps less than a decade away.

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