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Oracol Telegraph - XOR pairs are opened for trading on Tradebtc.eu
in 11-09-2019

Soon after the Daicore.Io ICO rounds have concluded, XOr pairs are opened for trading on the platform's own cryptocurrency exchange TradeBtc . The long awaited listing comes with a smart cap that will not allow sales of the Xor below the established price point of $0.15 USD for the next 6 months. The decision was based on a vote held on the Telegram Channel and is in agreement with the XOR Team's decision as well. The 6 months period will create a softer landing than the traditional dumps that are happening once a coin is listed. The focus now is increasing XOR visibility on the exchange and utilize the exchange itself as a tool to propagate the use of XOR by adding new coins and pairing them with XOR. Any new coins listed will have to pay the listing fee in XOR as well. These measures and few more components additions to the platform will certainly increase the appetite for many newcomers to buy into the XOR platform and hold XOR. Take advantage of the stable price for the next 6 months and buy XOR now !

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