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Bianca Andreescu - US Open Queen is now "Queen B" and "She the North"
in 09-09-2019

Bianca Andreescu has flooded all the news channels during the weekend when in two remarkable sets she won the US Open at Flushing Meadows against Serena Williams. Her impressive winning streak caught many by surprise this year after she won Indian Wells and Rogers Cup. And she kept winning top 10 players in a unique and aggressive way until she reached her first Grand Slam Victory in US Open. Apparently coming out from nowhere, this 19 years old teenager from Canada is unstoppable.

Canada has a new hero and she is making history in the tennis records for this country. Originally from Romania, Bianca is now a true Canadian that has reached her full potential and she is proud to put all her skills on the display during the games. She is not easy to intimidate and she has only one mode - attack. She can even say sorry or console her opponents after she wins game after game but she will not stop. 

Impressive game and impressive win !

Good job Bianca !

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