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Oracol Xor Platform - Crypto currency taken to the next level
in 02-03-2019

There are many cryptos out there but there are few that take 'the less traveled path" and come up new concepts. Oracol Xor  was born in a world where hundreds of digital assets would appear overnight and promise the moon and the stars if you would just buy in. But from those hundreds of coins only a few would have some infrastructure and even few a real platform to be developed. Oracol Xor team focused instead on developing the platform first and did not worried too much about producing the hype. The logic behind the decision was " Build it and they will come" same like Las Vegas concept. So what is Oracol Xor Platform ? What are the components? What are the near future plans? Well for starters I can tell you that the listing on the exchange is almost completed on TradeBtc Exchange and as soon as it will go live Oracol Xor and become an asset that can be traded , it will monetize its own social media platform Oracol World  ( ready to be deployed as we speak),  booking vacation properties in Toronto on Town Flats website and very soon monetizing this platform as well thus offering a source of income to the proficient writer ( in addition to the AdSense accounts that anyone can link here ). We have many more additions that will stimulate the use of Oracol Xor coin and create a mini-economy. One of the long term goals is to penetrate the mobile phone payments market ( read white paper for more info)  Keep an eye on the news in here as very soon we will offer generous incentives to join the Platform. So stay tuned and do not miss one of the potential best investments in crypto even if we do not create the buzz like other "here today gone tomorrow" coins. You are the best judge ultimately so please find below the most important links to the platform : 

Main Website – https://oracolxor.io
Oracol Xor Gateway : https://www.oracol.mobi
Download latest version of Windows qt wallet here : https://ufile.io/wpkgg
Android Wallet - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coinxoro.wallet.dev&hl=en
Online Paperwallet : https://www.oracol.mobi/paperwallet/
Download Paperwallet here : https://ufile.io/czov9 
Github: https://github.com/OracolXor/Oracol-XOR-Coin
Whitepaper : https://ufile.io/npb3i
Blockchain explorer - https://www.oracol.mobi/blockchainexplorer/
Mining Pool – https://oracol.mobi/minerpool/
Oracol Xor Forum – https://oracolxor.com
Telegram Group : https://t.me/joinchat/HmoJ8hGJL8ePLvrwcCS4PQ
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Oracol-617002108482170/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/OracolX

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