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Asia Blog
in 02-03-2019

Moving from China to North America is a huge lifestyle change. Many customs are different and even the so called ”Chinese Food” from the “China Towns” across the continent taste nothing like the Chinese food back home.

Hi , my name is Syvia and I will host the “Asia Blog” on Newz App Open Press Platform. Here we will discuss many controversial subjects like “ Why China banned Bitcoin but most of the hashing power is in China – think about that for a second” or “ USA –versus China Trde war – a view from the Chinese side” or “ Why is Canada holding the president of Huawei hostage?” or even a better headline would be “ Why is this Chicom Chick writing a blog..lol” . Did I got your attention? Well kidding aside I hope you will enjoy my articles and I am hoping to bring a new perspective .

On the next article we will discuss the rise and the fall of Bitcoin in China 

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