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The Thorn in My Flesh.
Yoked or Friends?
On the Valley of Decision.
in 27-02-2019

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision!

For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision. (Joel 3:14).

Life is a continuation of choices and decisions, yet most of us dread making decisions because,

 we don’t not know ALL the details,

we are uncertain of future outcomes,

and we are comforted by the known present.

 But there in the valley of Jehoshaphat, we will all be audience to THE GREAT DECISION that will be made. Made by the King of Kings, our Righteous Judge, who knows ALL eternity and have ALL the details not only the acts but also intents, even the very thoughts.

He will make decision about multitudes and multitudes. There will be decisions regarding desolations, and destruction, also decisions about refreshing waters, fountains, milk, and new wine. He will be a shelter to His own and condemn the rebellion of evil. What a dreadfully amazing day it would be. To the glorious remnant of Christ, it will be a day of deliverance, and to others a condemnation for eternity.

Reality and existence of this valley, may it be the present day Kidron valley or future day valley of YHWH’s judgement, this very verse should,

Comfort the believer that everything will be made right by the Righteous King,

Bring terror on anyone who is NOT under the shelter of the Almighty,

 Magnify the importance of the decisions we make today.

My friend,

Are you wondering why the righteous suffer?  rest assured there is a valley of decision,

Are you disgusted by the forged triumph of evil? Take a deep breath, there is a valley of decision!

 Are you tired of life and its suffering? Persevere, there is a valley of decision!

But, let me just behoove you today, make your decision right, there is only one Truth and He is exclusive.

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